Casino dealer job opportunities continue to be viable in the Los Angeles gaming industry. Administrators at Millennium are forecasting that the trend will continue well into 2022.  These job opportunities present themselves  as a direct result of the expansion and growth that casinos are experiencing.  Millennium  therefore plans to continue to meet the growing demand for professional card dealers with its ongoing commitment to excellence in training and by assisting casino HR departments with innovative professional methods for processing.
    As California Games offer the majority of the new dealer positions followed by Poker, the L.A. Gaming industry is a sector of interest for job seekers, even beyond California state lines.  In 2020 and 2021, 95 percent of our certified graduates have been recruited and hired during numerous job auditions by all seven casinos in the Los Angeles area.
     The casino industry in general is continuously developing and as result, new job positions have become available in other related areas within the casinos such as hotel hospitality, security, customer service and management.  Some of the greatest and most impactful casino expansions and renovations include The Gardens Casino, The Bicycle Casino & Hotel and The Hollywood Park Casino. 
By: Oscar Fernandez / Dec. 2021
Millennium Administration 
Follow the links below to view the current job listings available at local casinos. Not all available positions are listed:
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